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Other than masks and protective clothing, this product has also been snapped up...

2020/4/22      view:

Other than masks and protective clothing, this product has also been snapped up...

Until 6:30 on April 21, Beijing time, the global number of Covid-19 corona virus confirmed cases had exceeded 2.46 million, and the confirmed deaths of Covid-19 has exceeded 160000. The whole world is in quarantine.

South Korea is the second outbreak country after China, but it has relatively contained the epidemic situation without lock down the city or shutting down work. Recently, there are less than 30 new cases in several consecutive days, which is known as the "model student" of global anti epidemic.

The president Moon Jae-in the recent election of the parliament, helped the ruling party win 180 seats, accounting for 3/5 of the total number. The public opinion is called a historic victory.

Why South Korean government can win the public's trust and achieve such outstanding anti epidemic achievements?


Big data, technology intelligent products, become the "superb gadget" of epidemic prevention and isolation

Other than the strict control measures of the Korean government and public cooperation, big data, technology and intelligent products also play a very important role.

In February, South Korea launched a red alert for the Covid 19 epidemic, the government quickly used large-scale data, medical institutions and customs systems were connected, and medical staff could consult the patients' overseas travel history and other measures.

In March, the Korean government developed the "Covid 19 epidemic intelligent management system" based on big data. In only 10 minutes, the patient's track can be "recovered". Different color charts show the regional distribution of cases, potential super transmission areas, etc


In April, the South Korean government asked the entry personnel to download the app that can track the location, so as to facilitate supervision and management. At the same time, it is planned to implement home isolation electronic bracelet, which can be linked with the app in the mobile phone of the home quarantine people. If the distance between the bracelet and the mobile phone is more than 10 meters, the monitoring system of the epidemic prevention monitoring department will give an alarm.

Big data and technology intelligent products, become the "superb gadget" of epidemic prevention and isolation.

Not only South Korea, but also other countries and regions with successful anti epidemic efforts are using smart products such as electronic watches (bracelets), mobile phone apps and so on to precisely isolate the home quarantine people.

The Hong Kong Government of China requires the entry personnel who meet the compulsory household quarantine to wear and use the GPS tracking bracelet and matching mobile phone provided by the government. During the 14 day household quarantine period, they are not allowed to go out without permission.

Taiwan province of China, provides home quarantine people with special mobile phones with geographical location function to prevent home quarantine people from going out without permission.

Singapore's Ministry of health has launched tracelogether, a mobile app for tracking close contacts, which has been downloaded by 550000 users, according to its website.

No matter what kind of methods are taken, they are all to ensure that the home quarantine people "dare not cross the minefield", and their tracks can be accurately and timely controlled.

Now it is in the critical period of global epidemic prevention and control, and the number of confirmed cases in many countries is still not at the peak. Isolation at home and keeping social distance are still the most effective measures for epidemic prevention.

Only scientific and technological products can help people to be safe and isolated, which has become an urgent material for governments of all countries. All kinds of positioning watches and bracelets have become "hot cakes" in the foreign trade market.

However, although the demand of foreign governments is large, there are few positioning watches and bracelets that can export foreign trade. Because foreign governments have strict technical parameters for such electronic products.

The world's first 4G all Netcom eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatch developed by Shenzhen Yixie electronics fully complies with strict export standards, and has obtained a lot of foreign trade orders during the epidemic.

What's unique about this eSEEK watch?




High Efficiency, low cost and safe wristwatch, making quarantine more secure

eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatch is easy to use, high supervision efficiency and low maintenance cost, all products are made of human safety and non electromagnetic radiation materials, making it more safe and reliable to use.

Moreover, each product has an independent IMEI identification number. When the data is uploaded to the background, it can complete the automatic identification, real-time positioning, track tracking of the quarantine people, which is very suitable for the attendance, track tracking, automatic access management, message notification and other functions of the quarantine people.


01. Real time location, track query, Geo fence, more secure for epidemic quarantine


eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatch adopts Beidou / GPS / WiFi / LBS quadruple positioning, accurately locks the position of the wearer, sets the positioning interval frequency in the background, and views the position information of the quarantine people in real time to prevent the accident.


At the mean time, Geo fences can be set up for the quarantine people. There are three types of fences available: irregular fences, circular fences and administrative area fences. There is no limit to the size of the fence range. When the wristwatch is out of the fence range, the software(web platform and App) will immediately receive an alarm message.


The platform can also be used to set the prohibition range for the wearer. When the wearer enters the prohibition range, the device will send the prohibition alarm to the software (web platform and app) at the first time. The supervisor can effectively control the bad behavior of the wearer through this information.


It can also automatically save the historical track record of the wristband. The software(platform and app) can set or view the historical track information of the wristband, and know the itinerary of the quarantine people as well.

02. Voice monitoring, Blind spot supplement, Tamper alarm, and prevent the infection source from being out of control

In the process of epidemic prevention, we should pay special attention to the transmission chain of super infectious sources. It is particularly important to monitor and isolate them.

The eSEEK wristwatch can listen to the sound around the wearer remotely, understand every move of the quarantined people anytime and anywhere, grasp the real-time activity of the wearer safely and effectively, and prevent the rapid spread and spread of the epidemic caused by the contact of key quarantined people with other people.


When the wearer enters the area with weak information or no signal, the wrist watch may be offline for a short time. At this time, the wrist watch will automatically record the position coordinates of the offline period. When the network signal is restored, it will automatically report the activity track to the software end (web platform and APP) for the offline period.

When the wristwatch is disconnected or falls off, the device and software(web platform and APP) will immediately receive an alarm message, which can prevent the "irrational" behavior of the quarantine people.

03. Two way call, SMS message receiving and SOS dialing to ensure the safety of quarantine people

In the epidemic prevention and control, the quarantined people have also experienced a great physical and mental test, and their care and psychological guidance is particularly important.

eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatch, when you put a sim card on the wristwatch, you can dial the sim card number to make two-way communication.


In addition, the wristband can receive the SMS message sent by the incoming number and the software end (web platform end and PC end), communicate with the quarantine people in time, dredge, pacify their uneasiness, and give them humanistic care.


At the same time, it can store the steps and heart rate of all time in the software end (platform end and app end), and intuitively understand the exercise condition and health condition of the quarantine people.

Emergency call numbers can also be set up. When the quarantined people have emergency problems, such as inconvenient movement, they can dial for help. In the process of asking for help, the three emergency numbers saved in advance can be dialed circularly to prevent accidents to the greatest extent and ensure the life safety of the quarantine people.

04. No electromagnetic radiation material, IP68 waterproof, wireless charging, excellent performance, safe and reliable

None electromagnetic radiation material. eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatches are all made of materials that are safe for human body and no electromagnetic radiation, so they are more reliable to use.

Independent IMEI identification number. Each product has an independent IMEI identification number, which means that each watch has an ID number.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof certificate. eSEEK anti dismantle positioning wristwatch has obtained IP68 waterproof and dustproof certificate. When the device is put into deep water for damage test, it can still maintain the good performance.


Low power alarm is more reassuring. When the wristwatch is in the state of low power, it will remind the wearer to charge it in time through the ring alarm, and display the low power alarm information in the software end (APP end and PC end).

Wireless charging is more convenient. It can be charged by snap type wireless charging and magnetic suction type wired charging. During the charging process, the wristwatch can be used normally, which is very convenient.

05.With APP and web platform, fast and easy management.  

eSEEK anti tamper positioning wristwatch can be set with app background and web platform background. Dual background mode, which makes the management and operation more convenient and quick.

The app background can view the status of the wristband, control the wristband switch and set various functional parameters of the wristband.


In the web platform background, it includes all function module tabs, authority management, monitoring center, fence management, instruction center, application review, account information, data analysis, system management, alarm sound and many other function options.

With dual management background, you can handle the operation anytime, anywhere , free switching. As long as you can use the mouse and click the screen, you can operate "fool style". People who do not need software knowledge can operate easily.


Comply with export standards, compatible with foreign platforms, and protect the global peoples health

The software background of eSEEK anti dismantle watch can connect with the platform of foreign customers, and also can save the data information in the local LAN system without worrying about the data leakage.

Some people may also worry about whether the positioning wrist watch system will involve "user privacy protection"?

On the one hand, as pioneers, South Korea, Singapore and other countries have already handed over an excellent answer sheet.

LEE Ik-jin, director of the City Economic Department of the Ministry of land and transportation in South Korea, said that"facing the epidemic, we should put public safety before personal interests".

LEE Ik-jin told reporters that the system only allows a small number of epidemic prevention officials to log in, only recording "those who may cause super dissemination" of patient information; when official access to patient information, they need to apply to communication and credit card companies in advance to protect patient privacy.

In this point, we believed that the Government Purchasing department of all countries will comprehensively consider the use of these scientific and technological epidemic prevention systems and equipment according to the national epidemic prevention and control situation.

The development trend of the global epidemic situation in the future is not very clear. Europe and the United States have already broken out. India and Africa may lead to the next wave of epidemic prevention.

If through government control, social cooperation and the empowerment of intelligent technology, early detection and isolation can be implemented as soon as possible, the epidemic will be controlled faster.

At present, the domestic foreign trade market is full of grief, and the eSEEK tamper-proof positioning watch has become the hot product of the foreign trade market.

Compared with other foreign trade enterprises, such as garment and textile enterprises, the performance of foreign trade companies operating such technology and electronic products will increase against the trend.

Compared with other positioning electronic products, this eSEEK tamper-proof positioning watch is a professional judicial isolation product, with multiple patent certificates and quality certifications, and the parameter standards fully comply with foreign trade export standards.


Especially at present, the epidemic not only affects people's health, but also affects the global economy. Even the United States, the country with the largest number of confirmed cases in the world, is eager to resume economic production, which can be seen in its grim form.

Community home isolation has become a key measure to end the epidemic as soon as possible. If key quarantine people are equipped with anti-disassemble positioning watches, it will also make the whole society and community more at ease to restore life and economic activities.

Although the price of a tamper-resistant positioning watch is hundred of dollars, but if you don’t pay attention, let the isolation people infect more innocent people, it will not be worth the loss. If the health is gone, no amount of money will make much sense.

And this eSEEK  tamper-proof positioning watch has reliable quality, even if the epidemic ends in 2-3 months, it can be left to the elderly and children use, so that the "top beam" in the family can take care of them and let the family "connect" together.

Please contact +86 13613027369 (Jeremy) for more information about eSEEK dismantle positioning watch, and we will provide you with a professional and efficient solution.